Try this flick … ‘Back to the Beach’ … well, with the coronavirus alert easing, that’s where we go!

Try this flick …Back to the Beach.” Well, in this day of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) alert, here’s an aptly named movie! “Back to the Beach” is a sensational trip back to the beach movies of the ’60s and especially former stars of that day and age. “Back to the Beach” features Frankie and Annette – do I need to write their full names? – and is simply fun to watch. Its roots go back to “Beach Party” and you’ll love every minute. “Back to the Beach” doesn’t take itself seriously … I mean, when a marquee has the late great Dick Dale and some of the Del-Tones, it shows the fun the film can have with its origins. “Back to the Beach” is wonderful, kitsch comedy. Don’t miss it!

So, I’m doing a sometimes recommendation of a movie or TV show … and they’re all movies or TV shows that I’ve reviewed on this blog.

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