Errors in closed captioning sink further … and this time it’s ‘conch’ instead of ‘conk’

I took this photo off our TV on April Fools’ Day 2020, but it wasn’t intended as a joke. Here’s yet another example of closed captioning obviously going to voice recognition or by continuing to hire idiots. I’ve already posted how closed captioning continues to have a tough time with crime – from the Mafia doing “narcotics pedaling” (I guess from a bike), then it was on “Dragnet” for a bad guy being a “heroine addict.” Today’s example is from “Adam-12” as a restaurant owner complaining about a patron who died at a table. He said that the guy shouldn’t have come into the place to “conk” out, but the idiots with closed captioning have it as “conch” out. As in the beautiful shell of the sea creature. Stupid. Click here for all my postings about errors in closed captioning … (Remember: Click on the image for a bigger version – then click on that one for the full-size photo.)

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