Way, Way Back! Presidential security a little less obvious in ’75

This weekend brings the climax of the 2020 Honda Classic pro-golf tournament. Well, back in the day (way, way back), it was Jackie Gleason’s Inverarry Classic. Here’s a shot I got from the 1975 tournament when President Gerald Ford was in a celebrity grouping. It’s a photo of a Secret Service agent on top of nearby condominiums under construction at the golf course. It’s kind of quaint – today, you’d have helicopters, Bradley vehicles and swarms of SWAT teams and commando units doing security. I’d say that back-in-the-day, the U.S. Secret Service did a great, unobtrusive job of protecting the president without it appearing to be an invasion of automatic weapons. But, then again, that was 1975. I have purchased a slide converter and posting these “Way, Way Back” images and this is a scan from a 35mm Ektachrome slide taken with a Nikon F1 camera. Click here for all my ‘Way, Way Back!’ photos … (Remember: Click on the image for a bigger version – then click on that one for the full-size photo.)

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