Try this flick … ‘Hail, Caesar!’ continues Coen brothers’ excellence

Try this flick …Hail, Caesar!” Well, “Hail, Caesar!” and hail the Coen brothers, too! These guys know how to make great, quirky films and “Hail, Caesar!” is no exception. “Hail, Caesar!” is the story of a movie studio chief who keeps the whole machine running. It has a nice cast that is headed by Josh Brolin as “Eddie Mannix” (and there was a real-life studio fixer by that name in Hollywood of the 1950s). Well, “Hail, Caesar!” is framed around the kidnapping of the biggest star of the day (George Clooney as “Baird Whitlock”) and … well, find out for yourself. “Hail, Caesar!” is far from perfect with several too-long scenes that are tedious, but is simply marvelous in the end.

So, I’m doing a sometimes recommendation of a movie or TV show … and they’re all movies or TV shows that I’ve reviewed on this blog. Below is the link back to the original review.

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