FOX Sports has other ways to show its incompetence … take this graphic (please)

I already know that @FOXSports has no ability to broadcast golf. @FOXSports is an embarrassment when it does the U.S. Open golf tournament (the @USGA sold its soul to @FOXSports for TV rights). However, here’s another example of @FOXSports incompetence: Every single one of the apostrophes (or, as you might call them “single quote marks”) on this graphic is wrong. These are the opening marks and not what needs to be there – the closing marks. Like this: ’05 ’06 … It just shows that: 1) They don’t have competent staff to put it together; and they don’t have any editing and 2) They are too stupid to know how to use a computer to get the correct mark – as if they would know which mark to make even if they could do it correctly. I got this shot off our TV here in Naples, Fla., during a Sunday NFL game by @FOXSports on Dec. 22, 2019. Click here for another network that does the same wrong thing … while Walt Disney World shows how it is done correctly … (Remember: Click on the image for a bigger version – then click on that one for the full-size photo.)


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