Naples Idiot Parking : Part XIV

Here is my 14th example of “Naples Idiot Parking.” However, I’m adding a word for today’s driver: Entitled. I know you’ve seen these mooks who park in the fire lane outside stores. It’s for their convience and to heck with everyone else. Of course, they don’t care that they’re exhibiting idiotic, selfish behavior. However, this guy is an officer in that platoon: He was there when I went in this WalMart store to buy one item. He was there when I came out a few minutes later and walked to my properly parked vehicle and was still there as I left on Sept. 29, 2019, here in Naples, Fla. Emergency lights blinking and his also-entitled spouse or friend doing their shopping. Ah, well, one can only point up stupidity. Click here to see all my “Naples Idiot Parking” photos … (Remember: Click on the image for a bigger version – then click on that one for the full-size photo.)

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