My movie reviews: ‘Operation Petticoat’ is worth watching

My movie suggestion today is … to watch “Operation Petticoat.” You can find comedies set during World War II and “Operation Petticoat” is a classic in the genre. It stars screen legend Cary Grant and the nearly equally legendary Tony Curtis as two U.S. naval officers aboard a crippled sub. The comedy in “Operation Petticoat” comes from Curtis’ “scavaging” to get the sub to sea as the straight-laced Grant can only look on in horror. Along the way in “Operation Petticoat,” Curtis “scavenges” some nurses and one is so clumsy that she accidentally causes the sub to torpedo a truck – on land! “Operation Petticoat” is a solid motion picture that mixes the comedy with drama and you should catch it the next chance you get.

So, I’m doing a sometimes recommendation of a movie or TV show … and they’re all movies or TV shows that I’ve reviewed on this blog. Below is the link back to the original review.

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