… while IFC shows that it has a blatant error and obviously no editing

Today I posted how Walt Disney World used a quote mark (apostrophe) in the correct manner in a graphic. Also, today I’m showing here how the IFC network displays how it has a moron on staff and no oversight of graphics. Here’s a promo for the “dumbass” marathon (it’s a “That ’70s Show” signature line). Notice that some idiot just typed the quote mark and it is facing the wrong way. This happens when a moron types a single quote mark and since their computer has spell-check, it puts the wrong-facing quote mark first. Morons don’t know, check or much less go back and make it right. Well, in all fairness to the employee, that would take time, effort and the company spending money for an editor and, therefore, competence. It’s obvious they operate under the principle of “Who cares?” It’s clear that IFC enjoys it’s own “dumbass” marathon through its staff. Hey, IFC, check out WDW for how to do things. PS: I enjoy the IFC network and watch it all the time, but can’t stand seeing such errors. Click here to see the WDW graphic doing it the right way … (Remember: Click on the image for a bigger version – then click on that one for the full-size photo.)

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