Happy anniversary to my blog! 5 years today!

Today, May 22, 2019, marks the fifth anniversary of my blog. My first two posts were a movie review (“The Warriors”) and a photo of a hibiscus bloom on our patio here in Naples, Fla. In five years, I’ve reviewed 333 films (I’ll soon post the 334th … I expect it will be “Bullitt” starring Steve McQueen) and written 32 other reviews of TV shows, movie franchises, etc. Click here for an alphabetical list of the movies I’ve reviewed. Along the way, my most prolific posts have been of photos myself and my family have taken at Walt Disney World. The number? Well, 1,847 photos posted just of Disney! Overall, I’ve posted nearly 5,000 total items!

If you’ve found your way here … THANKS! “A Gator in Naples” has enjoyed more than 56,000 page views (with my scathing review of the “CHIPS” film the second most-popular page after the homepage). I never imagined that the blog would go on for five years, but here I am today. Oh, yes … in case you are unfamiliar with me being a “Gator,” that’s the mascot of the University of Florida (my alma mater). That’s why I’m a Gator in Naples.

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