As a security issue, Walt Disney World has done away with the “Do Not Disturb” signs for doors. Now, it’s “Room Occupied.” It’s so that guests cannot put up a paper wall to keep staff out. It’s funny, after the dozens and dozens of times we’ve stayed at WDW, twice in the last three visits since last August we’ve gotten a staff member knocking on the door wanting to look in our room. Funnier still, this visit, we turned down a $10 discount on our stay if housekeeping DID NOT come in our room. However, when they came late the one day we wanted, we declined because it was late and we said, “Don’t bother, we’re just back from the park.” Must have touched a nerve. Another staff member came knocking five minutes later to “check the equipment” in our room at the Caribbean Beach Resort. He walked through and glanced around then left. Yeah. Right. Check the equipment. I’m sorry, WDW, but we simply don’t look that suspicious the whole thing was a negative. We expect better from Walt Disney World. I got this shot March 2, 2018.