OMG! Hurricane Hysteri(a)cs is back for ’17! Look out!

Hurricane Wilma toppled our big palm tree in our front yard in October 2005. The storm plowed across south Florida after running along a track from Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to Naples in Southwest Florida and then across the state to pop out into the Atlantic Ocean. Our Naples home was undamaged, but our biggest tree fell.

Today is my least favorite day of the year – the official beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. We’re now in for a roller coaster of emotions for the next six months as south Florida (where I live) and other areas watch as giant storms boil up in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico and threaten us. Yuck!

I never have a “good” feeling about the coming hurricane season. For example, for 2017 the so-called “experts” first reported that it would be a quieter than usual season because of El Nino. Later, they would “revise” their statement that it would be above a quiet season, but someone less than usual. Huh?

Like everyone else, these “experts” will only be able to judge the season after it ends in six months.

So, let me say from my non-expert opinion: We’re going to have a tough season. Look out!

Further to my dismay, we are near the end of the march to the longest daylight day of the year later this month and that spells one thing: a descending path to the winter apogee, standard time and less sunlight each day. Yuck!

I post to this blog and to my Facebook page with the moniker HURRICANE HYSTERI(A)CS.

This is because of the gallows humor usually involved with hurricane season. So today, again I’ll write that I believe the 2017 season will be a miserable one for some people while NOT an “officially” busy one.

The experts from the National Hurricane Center to weather researchers in Colorado (definitely a safe place to study hurricanes, huh?) say it will be a somewhat less than “normal” year. I don’t and I never will. Click here for the first time I wrote about this.

If you’ve managed to read to this point, I wish you well this hurricane season.

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