Today’s movie suggestion: ‘Moving Violations’

mClick here to for today’s movie suggestion and it is … not because the film is good, but because it is so bad that you have to see it to believe it. “Moving Violations” is a failure before you see the first frame of the film (do they have “frames” any more in this digital age?). “Moving Violations” had promise, I’ll give filmmakers that. But that’s where it ends. The comedy stinks (despite a great premise), the acting is non-existent and if there was a director he or she should have been embarrassed to cash a check for “Moving Violations.” However, if you appreciate real dreck in film, then this one’s for you.

So, I’m doing a daily recommendation of a movie … and they’re all movies that I’ve reviewed on this blog. Below is the link back to the original review.

Click here for my review of “Moving Violations”
Click here to see a list of all the movies I’ve reviewed

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