My blog’s latest milestones, movies, Gators and more …

The Living with the Land boat ride at EPCOT in The Land pavilion across from Soarin’ is one of my favorite “little” rides. It’s a walk-on most times and has a fun presentation and then tour through a fish farm and hydroponic gardens. One of the neatest things we ever saw growing at The Land was a nine-pound lemon. It’s was big as a bowling ball. I grabbed this shot on Nov. 12, 2013, while we were at Walt Disney World and you won’t always find one growing.

OK, I have a small milestone today on this blog: I’ve made my 1,300th post to it since the first on May 22, 2014. Other marks through today include more than 13,600 page views and postings of photos that include nearly 500 shots we’ve taken at Walt Disney World (like the one of 9-pound lemons you see at right).

I’ve also posted some taken at my alma mater, the University of Florida. Our daughter’s a freshman there today and she’s contributed some great football shots (click here to see the gallery).

I’ve also posted our photos from our family’s trip to China in 2007 as well as a variety of by “drive-bys” – those are photos taken while driving (or being driven).

My personal zpet in all this are the movie reviews (I’ve reviewed 290 individual films and also posted 18 stories about films including ones about 007 films, war movies, light comedies and even one about my positive opinion of “The Love Boat”). Among my favorite films that I’ve reviewed include “Thank You for Smoking,” “Zombieland” and the raunchy comedies “Porky’s” and “Bachelor Party.”

Finally, I never cease to be amazed at how many countries folks have clicked from to view my blog. At last count (the evening of Oct. 2, 2015), folks from 93 countries have viewed content on my blog. It’s truly amazing – from Africa to Asia to Russia to Europe and the Americas, the list is wonderful reading in and of itself.

All of these page views from across the globe and with absolutely no marketing on my part. Well, I have posted links on a website about UF athletics called Gator Country and its fine members have seen fit to boost my page views a variety of times when I’ve posted links to this blog. The members of helped establish the most page views in one day for my blog (496) when I posted a photo from back in the day of the best seats we ever had for a Gators football game. Thanks, Gator Country!

So, I thank anyone who reads this (even if you accidentally come across it and don’t find it interesting). I have to say it has been a treat to make this a part of my life each day for the past 16 months.


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