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silAs I’ve been taking a bit of break from individual movie reviews for a few days, I’ve been revisiting some that I like to recommend because you probably didn’t see them in the first place or, if you did, you should enjoy them again. It’s always neat to recommend a film and someone comes back and says that he or she really liked it. My No. 1 film in this category has been “Thank You for Smoking” (click here for my review), but a close second is “White Chicks” (click here for my review). Today I’ll tell you about the third one; a neat little youth romantic-comedy; and a few more, including one showing the total coolness of Frank Sinatra. So, let’s not waste any more time …

‘Son in Law’ | ‘Assault on a Queen’
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ | ‘Rough Cut’

(Check each individual review for running times, directors, stars, etc.)


Just as my opinion is that Sacha Baron Cohen is a talentless hack, there is an army-sized group of movie fans who would say the same thing about Pauly Shore. However, I am right about the first guy and they are wrong about Shore. Just look at one of Pauly’s films called “Son in Law” and you’ll be convinced. Also today, I’m offering up a few more that you might not remember, but should see.


So, here we go:

“Son in Law” (1993)

Pauly Shore is one of those entertainers that you judge immediately. After he kicked off his career with one episode on TV’s “21 Jump Street,” Pauly has notched films such as “Encino Man” to “In the Army Now” as a whacked-out kind of guy. However, check him out in “Son in Law” (click here for my review) and I believe you’ll change your mind – he’s funny, decent and offers up a turn that makes his character endearing. So you couldn’t be more wrong about an actor. I know I was until I enjoyed “Son in Law” so much. Click here to read my full review of Son in Law.”

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANOTHER … check out “Bio-Dome.” It’s nowhere near “Son in Law,” but it’s not too offensive by Pauly.

“Rough Cut” (1980)

Everyone knows Burt Reynolds is “The Bandit” from his “Smokey and the Bandit” franchise (click here for my review) that began in 1970s (has it been that long?). However, he made a nice little romantic caper film called “Rough Cut” (click here for my review) It’s tough to find on video, but worth it. It’s my third favorite Burt film after “Smokey” and what I consider his best: “Hooper” (click here for my review). “Rough Cut” also has a nice turn from screen legend David Niven. Click here to read my full review ofRough Cut.”

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANOTHER … check out Burt in contrasting films – he’s a cop in the really underrated “Sharkey’s Machine” and an ex-con in “Stick,” which was taken from a wonderful novel by Elmore Leonard.

“Assault on a Queen” (1966)

Frank Sinatraa is the king of cool from music to movies (he’s the coolest of the cool in the original “Ocean’s 11” – click here for my review). Although “Assault on a Queen” (click here for my review) isn’t his best work, it’s his least remembered … and it’s not bad and that makes it a gem for Sinatra fans. Many remember the “Tony Rome” films, in which he’s a cool private eye. However, just like in “Ocean’s,” he’s a crook (not at first) in “Assault.” The story is a group of people who find a World War II-era submarine and use it to rob the Queen Mary ocean liner. Check it out if you’re looking for a treat. Click here to read my full review of Assault on a Queen.”

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANOTHER … check out Frank in “The First Deadly Sin.” The film is adapted from one of the first contemporary police procedural novels of the same name (by the late Lawrence Sanders).

“Can’t Buy Me Love” (1983)

Well, it’sc obvious that romantic films involving the lives of young people are a dime a dozen and many would make just about anyone gag. Still, they all cannot be as good with romance as “You’ve Got Mail” (click here for my review) or as excellent teen flick such as “Weird Science” (click here for my review). So, flying under the radar are films such as “Can’t Buy Me Love” (click here for my review). It has a stock plot – nerd gets in with the cool crowd; gets shot down; and winds up with the girl – but is actually a well done film with decent work by young actors. The film’s co-star, Amanda Peterson, was only 15 at the time of filming and that’s a rarity since most films like this would have a twenty-something actor doing the high school girl role. Click here to Read my full review of  Can’t Buy Me Love.”

IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANOTHER … for some romance in film that doesn’t jump to the front of your mind, check out … “Pillow Talk” (click here for my review) with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Days’ films were the bomb back in the day, but they’re becoming long-forgotten.

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